Elimination of Ad Tax Deduction Is Not in Tax Bill

Nov. 2, 2017 – In a memo sent to Coalition for Healthcare Communication members today, CHC Executive Director John Kamp reported that the Republican tax bill just announced “DOES NOT contain a provision to reduce the immediate deductibility of marketing costs, meaning we survived the first hurdle in this tax bill.

Kamp told Coalition members that their efforts to help keep this provision out made a difference. “This didn’t just happen. Effective Washington lobbying by the members of The Advertising Coalition, plus calls, letters and emails from members, including many members of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication, kept marketing deductibility out of this important draft.”

Although the Coalition is “delighted with this news,” it is also worried, according to Kamp. “This bill contains many provisions to help pay for the reductions in the corporate and individual tax rates that will be lobbied fiercely, so we could be added later.”

He noted that the CHC, working with the 4As and The Advertising Coalition, will be working hard to keep the provision out. “Thanks to all who participated in the home town messaging,” he said, adding that “we may have to call on you again before this bill becomes law.”