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Executive Director of Coalition Says Stark Proposals Violate the 1st Amendment

From Washington Legal Foundation: On June 21, 2007, U.S. Representative Pete Stark introduced a bill titled the “Fair Balance Prescription Drug Advertisement Act of 2007.” H.R. 2823 (110th Cong., 1st Sess.). If enacted, the bill would deny a tax deduction for any expenses associated with a direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) advertisement for a new prescription drug for […]

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4A's Urges President and Congress to End Efforts to Remove Drug Ad Deductibility

The American Association of Advertising Agencies, along with other members of The Advertising Coalition, are aggressively opposing all efforts to restrict the deductibility of prescription drug advertisements. The deductibility proposal, which has been discussed in Congress and at The White House, is an area of a new revenue package being considered as part of a […]

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