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To protect and promote health information that is accurate, credible, and accessible to all.

Our initial mission was focused purely on ensuring the free flow of healthcare information. While this remains vitally important, the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication has expanded the mission to focus also on improvement of the credibility of industry communications, to provide quality guidance to the healthcare communications industry, set standards for what quality healthcare content looks like, and ultimately fight fake news that negatively impacts the health of many.

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication defends the right of healthcare professionals and consumers to receive truthful information regarding pharmaceuticals and medical products, as safeguarded by the Constitution of the United States. Founded in 1991, the Coalition represents organizations, rather than individuals, dedicated to assuring the free exchange of scientific information without undue government interference.

The importance of communications in successful medical care cannot be overstated, especially as it relates to the application and use of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Responsible product promotion and other communications directed to healthcare professionals assure that those who prescribe, administer, and dispense prescription drugs and medical devices, and the patients who use them, will have the information necessary to use these products appropriately, effectively, and safely.

Unless medical professionals are aware of important advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, their services may not be used to the greatest advantage of their patients. Without free access to appropriate medical information, the lay public will not be able to assume greater responsibility for its own health. Both are critical factors in the nation’s effort to achieve effective and efficient usage of the healthcare system.