Best Offense Is a Good Defense When Discussing Drug Pricing

Feb. 29, 2016 – When faced with criticism of drug pricing, industry members need to be able to defend drug companies, and arming themselves with the facts is a great start, according to Ilyssa Levins, president and founder of the Center for Communication Compliance, who recently posted an article in Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor. The article, posted Feb. 17, lists six key steps that will help the industry position itself as “patient care champions.”

“We need to put the controversies over the cost of medicine into a larger context so that politicians, the press and the public fully understand … the value that new medicines bring to people’s lives and the entire healthcare system,” Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director John Kamp said in the article. “While new drugs are often expensive, they not only keep people healthy, they often save money by reducing hospital and other care expenses.”

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