OPDP Restructuring Divisions To Provide “Close Oversight” of DTC Advertising

March 8, 2013 – The Office of

Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) today announced that it would be restructuring two of its divisions – the Division of Consumer Drug Promotion and the Division of Professional Drug Promotion – to better oversee direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising.

According to a memo to Center for Drug Evaluation Research staff from Center Director Janet Woodcock, this restructuring – which would rename the divisions the Division of Advertising and Promotion Review I and the Division of Advertising and Promotion Review II cheapest viagra online –will “increase efficiency, improve work distribution, and eliminate redundancy.”

Instead of placing all consumer-directed marketing materials in one division, the new structure would divide the consumer-oriented

pieces among both divisions, divided by therapeutic class. “These changes will allow OPDP to review [DTC] and health professional advertising more effectively,” Woodcock stated.

“We know that DTC advertising is often the catalyst for patients initiating conversations with their physicians about their untreated or under-treated conditions. It is also a subject of interest and debate among our stakeholders,” she wrote. “The decision to restructure the divisions reflects our commitment to continue providing close oversight of DTC advertising.”

Woodcock also noted in her memo that OPDP reviewers will continue to use “a comprehensive surveillance, enforcement, and education program to foster superior communication of labeling and promotional information to both health care professionals and consumers.”http://greatvines.com/nolvadex-buy