Massachusetts to Allow Companies to Pay Expenses under Partial Repeal of Gift Ban

July 10, 2012 — Last week the Massachusetts house and senate passed revisions to their 2008 Pharmaceutical and Device Manufacturer Code of Conduct (PCOC) as part of the 2013 state budget. A partial repeal of the PCOC, also known as the “gift ban,” will permit companies to cover expenses for medical device training as well as meals for non-CME presentations at locations other than hospitals, medical offices and training sites. The revisions also will eliminate state reporting for physicians that duplicates federal Sunshine Act reporting, according to an article in Policy and Medicine.

“While transparency is a laudable viagra super active generic goal, it’s never too late to recognize that legislation has gone too far. Congratulations to the leaders of Massachusetts for recognizing that and for taking a step back in the right direction,” said John Kamp,

Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director.

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