Increased Funding for FDA Is a Result of Industry, Consumer Efforts

Dec. 1, 2011 — Amidst budget cuts for nearly all other federal programs, the FDA received increased funding for the coming fiscal year, in large part due to “an unusual alliance of consumer advocates and industry groups,” according to a recent blog posting on The Washington Post Web site.

Blogger Dina ElBoghdady writes that the agency’s overall funding in the newly passed agriculture spending bill is up 3 percent from last year’s level of $3.8 billion. Consumer and industry groups pushed for a boost in FDA funding to implement “a landmark food safety bill adopted by a previous Congress.” Funding for that program received $39 million – the largest portion of the increased funding.

The Nov. 30 posting outlines how food groups and consumers came together to further mutual goals

and demonstrates the importance of alliances between regulated industry and the public it serves. The Coalition for Healthcare Communication is an active member of the Alliance for a Better FDA, the group that coordinated the funding support effort.

“While we reserve the right to quibble around the edges, adequate funding for FDA is essential for every U.S. citizen and every industry it regulates,” said Coalition Executive Director John Kamp.

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