Kamp on the Sunshine Act: Collaboration Key to Patient Care

Dec. 14, 2011 — UPDATE — CMS has published the proposed rules enforcing the Sunshine provisions of the Affordable Care Act. See related materials on the site for details and instruction on how to comment on these proposals by the February 17, 2012 deadline.

Meanwhile review a recent column on the Sunshine Act appearing in Communiqué, Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director John Kamp stated that “without adequate protection, complying with the Sunshine Act could damage our relationships with doctors and patients as well as endanger the improved patient care that results from collaboration.” He adds that “the days of avoiding sunshine and public scrutiny of industry-doctor relationships in the United States

are over.”

To read the full column, go to: http://www.communiquelive.com/features/archive/2011/september/dont_get_burnt

Free registration may be required to access the piece.

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