FDA To Hold “Bad Ad” Webinar April 28

April 7, 2011 — The FDA’s Division of Drug Information and its Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications are presenting a Webinar April 28 to better inform healthcare professionals about the role they can play in helping the FDA ensure that prescription drug advertising is truthful and not misleading. The Webinar is part of a series of a series of educational outreach Webinars developed by

FDA pharmacists and targeted to the needs of all healthcare professionals and students.

The April 28 Webinar, held at 12 Noon (ET), is titled, “.” Catherine Gray, Pharm.D., will present an overview of the FDA’s “Bad Ad” program, specifically focusing on how to identify misleading prescription drug promotion and report this activity to the agency. A recent survey showed that only 30 percent of healthcare professionals were aware of the Bad Ad program.purchase viagra online no prescription