Peter Pitts Summarizes Day 1 of FDA Social Media Hearing

In his blog Peter Pitts, founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) comments on all the testimony of the first day of the FDA”s Part 15 Hearing on Social Media.

About John Kamp”s testimony on behalf of the Coalition and the 4As, he wrote:

“Next up was the always effervescent John Kamp (representing the 4As and the Coalition for Healthcare Communication.) He picked up the tempo quite considerably by pointing out that the Internet is the “go-to” medium and that the FDA should step forward and set the global “gold standard” for social media regulations. He also wisely pointed out that the FDA should develop its guidelines in collaboration with the FTC.”

He also commented in a positive way on presentations by representatives of EURO RSG, McCann, and Google.


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