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Fall 2011 Update: Four Things Industry Should Know

  By John Kamp, Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director Sept. 13, 2011 — Debates over health care and related marketing costs are certain to arise as the Congress and White House struggle to reduce the deficit,  stimulate the economy and prepare for the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, the IMS Supreme Court decision is causing a […]

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Experts Weigh In on Implications of Sorrell Decision

Aug. 1, 2011 — The recent Supreme Court decision in Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. is earning robust commentary in the legal community because it extends greater First Amendment protection for marketing and expands that protection to data mining and use. In addition, many legal scholars openly are questioning whether the FDA can continue its […]

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From The RPM Report: Data Mining Case Struck Down by Supreme Court; IMS Prepares for Future Battles

July 27, 2011 — A recent article written by Kate Rawson in The RPM Report provides an excellent summary of the Supreme Court”s decision in Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. and discusses the decision”s implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director John Kamp is quoted in this insightful article, which is reprinted below, with permission.   […]

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Sorrell v. IMS: What Marketing Professionals Need to Know

By John Kamp, Executive Director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication July 18, 2011 — For those who have not read the entire June 23 Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. Supreme Court decision (No. 10-779), here is a quick summary of what happened and what drug marketing executives need to know. Top line, the Supreme Court majority […]

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NEWS ALERT: U.S. Supreme Court Deems Vermont Marketing Ban To Be in Violation of First Amendment

June 23, 2011 — In a victory for data gathering companies, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, advertising agencies, medical publishers and other media, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. today that Vermont’s ban on marketing use of prescription data “turns on nothing more than a difference of opinion” and that […]

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Required Course for Medical Agencies: 4A’s Webinar on Your Role in Implementing the Behavioral Advertising Self-Regulation Program

May 17, 2011 — Widespread industry participation in online behavioral advertising (OBA) self-regulation is the only way for the program to succeed and for advertisers to stave off federal regulation of behavioral marketing practices, according to Dick O’Brien, head of the 4A’s Washington office and moderator of an OBA educational Webinar for ad agencies. “Do […]

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