About Us

About Us
“Congress shall make no law…
abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”
—First Amendment, Constitution of the United States



The Coalition for Healthcare Communication is an organization that promotes the free exchange of accurate, credible scientific and medical information. It is essential that healthcare professionals and the general public receive truthful, accurate information regarding pharmaceuticals, medical products and devices, and patient care.

In addition to white papers and other documents published by the Coalition, you can also find relevant information on current healthcare economics issues, as well as policy positions published by government agencies and other professional organizations.


To protect and promote health information that is accurate, credible, and accessible to all.

Our initial mission was focused purely on ensuring the free flow of healthcare information. While this remains vitally important, the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication has expanded the mission to focus also on improvement of the credibility of industry communications, to provide quality guidance to the healthcare communications industry, set standards for what quality healthcare content looks like, and ultimately fight fake news that negatively impacts the health of many.

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication defends the right of healthcare professionals and consumers to receive truthful information regarding pharmaceuticals and medical products, as safeguarded by the Constitution of the United States. Founded in 1991, the Coalition represents organizations, rather than individuals, dedicated to assuring the free exchange of scientific information without undue government interference.

The importance of communications in successful medical care cannot be overstated, especially as it relates to the application and use of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Responsible product promotion and other communications directed to healthcare professionals assure that those who prescribe, administer, and dispense prescription drugs and medical devices, and the patients who use them, will have the information necessary to use these products appropriately, effectively, and safely.

Unless medical professionals are aware of important advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, their services may not be used to the greatest advantage of their patients. Without free access to appropriate medical information, the lay public will not be able to assume greater responsibility for its own health. Both are critical factors in the nation’s effort to achieve effective and efficient usage of the healthcare system.

Coalition’s Role

1. To protect and promote health information that is accurate, credible and accessible to all.

2. To defend the rights of medical professionals/consumers to receive that information.

The Coalition’s role is first, to support accurate, credible and accessible health information, and to combat fake medical news that harms the public health, and second, to defend the rights of medical professionals and consumers to receive that healthcare information.

Advocacy Objectives

Support industry and government efforts to ensure that healthcare professionals and consumers have available quality health information and to foster industry-supported information that is ethical and of high quality.

Ensure that government laws and regulations:

  • Protect the First Amendment right of the healthcare industry and clinicians to disseminate and receive data about health-related products and services.
  • Facilitate the ability of companies to freely communicate factual and truthful information about their products and services to healthcare providers and patients.


The adage “there is strength in numbers” rings true for the Coalition. Its membership is made up of organizations and industry leaders that share common interests and goals. Thus, the Coalition’s track record in making a positive difference has been excellent.

Among the Coalition’s members are the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of Medical Media.

Here is our member list as of November 2023 (click on member name for link):

Board of Directors

The Coalition is very fortunate to have some of our industry’s most
esteemed leaders on its Board of Directors.

Jay Carter
Jay Carter,
EVP, Business Development
JUICE Pharma

Board Chair

Laura Schoen
President, Global Healthcare
Weber Shandwick

Vice Chair

Violet Aldaia portrait
Violet Aldaia
President, H4B Chelsea
Havas Health & You


John Carter
Chief Operating Officer
Healio and The Wyanoke Group


Andrew Gottfried
Entrée Health

Mike Myers portrait

Mike Myers
Managing Director & Partner

Brian Robinson
Global Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Growth
Havas Health & You

Debbie Renner portrait

Debbie Renner
SSCG Media Group

Craig Sullivan portraitCraig Sullivan
Pacific Communications

Angela Tenuta
President, Full-Service Agencies
Eversana Intouch

Helene Yan
Senior Vice President/Chief Client Officer
Global Health, Interpublic

James Potter portraitJames G. Potter
CHC Executive Director



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