DDMAC Reorganized into Office of Prescription Drug Promotion

Sept. 19, 2011 – Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Director Janet Woodcock announced in an e-mail to CDER staff that as part of the reorganization of the Office of Medical Policy (OMP) into a Super Office, the former Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications has been reorganized and elevated into a new Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP), which divides promotional oversight into two divisions, one for professional promotion and one for direct-to-consumer (DTC) promotion.

“This reorganization will leverage OPDP’s resources and processes to provide for the highly effective oversight of prescription drug promotion,” Woodcock states.

“Maybe this is a good omen,” remarked John Kamp, executive director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication. “It took 18 months to get this reorganization approved. Let”s hope that the Internet and Social Media rules show up soon.”

The new OPDP, still under the direction of Thomas Abrams, consists of an Immediate Office, the Division of Professional Promotion (DPP), and the Division of Direct-to-Consumer Promotion (DDTCP). The new structure “will help prevent misleading promotion about prescription drugs and enhance the quality of communications about prescription drugs and other health information developed by companies,” according to Woodcock.

Leadership of the OPDP also includes:

  • Mark Askine, Associate Director, Office of Prescription Drug Promotion
  • Marci Kiester, Associate Director of Operations, Office of Prescription Drug Promotion
  • Catherine Gray, Acting Director, Division of Professional Promotion
  • Robert Dean, Acting Director, Division of DTC Promotion

The Office of Medical Policy also encompasses the Office of Medical Policy Initiatives, led by Rachel Sherman and her Deputy, Kathleen Uhl. Janet Norden is Associate Director for Regulatory Affairs. OMP plays a critical role in directing medical policy programs and strategic initiatives.

Enter CHC Contest for New OPDP Nickname

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More than a dozen industry experts contributed to the publication, lead by a

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