Regulatory Compliance Testing Helps Agencies Navigate Internet, Social Media

Aug. 12, 2011 – Investing in regulatory compliance testing to build better promotional campaigns that track with FDA marketing regulations and guidance is a wise business decision for advertising and promotion agencies, according to a recent article in Rx COMPLIANCE REPORT.

Participating in a new online certificate program developed by the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) – “Internet Promotion and Social Media” – “demonstrates a company’s good-faith commitment to doing everything possible to maximize compliance,” according to Michael Misocky, a former FDA official and CCC Advisory Board member, as quoted in the article, which lists the primary benefits of the program as minimizing client risk and increasing agency efficiency.

Industry veteran Wayne Pines, who chairs the CCC Advisory Board and is among those quoted in the article, states that “Testing is essential to ensure that companies understand the rules the government enforces.”

Commenting on the article, Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director John Kamp (also a CCC Advisory Board member) said that “creative medical marketers cannot initiate programs without a working knowledge of compliance issues.” The CCC program allows agencies to gain first-hand knowledge of the government’s regulatory requirements instead of relying on the client to transfer that knowledge, Kamp explained. “Today, regulatory compliance must be baked in to every medical marketing program.”

Companies that participate in the CCC program receive post-training testing reports that helps the agencies determine where the knowledge gaps may be, whether the gaps are specific to individuals or whether entire departments may need spot training,

the Rx COMPLIANCE REPORT article notes.

In a follow-up conversation, CCC President and Founder Ilyssa Levins told the Coalition that the CCC “commends those agencies that are proactively participating in our testing program, including a mix of advertising, promotional medical education, PR, digital and direct-to-patient companies,” Levins said. [View a representative CCC Agency List of  participating companies.] “By the end of 2011, we will have in excess of 6,000 professionals enrolled in our programs, with the number increasing every day now that drug companies are mandating participation.”   

Enrollment in the program is easy, Levins said, either through the CCC registration page ( “or a call to me.”

Read the full Rx COMPLIANCE REPORT article, “Promotional agencies invest in regulatory compliance to minimize client risk and increase efficiencies,” which begins on page 12 of RxComplianceReport.

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